Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 1st

as you walk there along the broken, cobbled sidewalk
close your eyes .
close your eyes and feel ...

feel that ?!?

the wind against your face

slowing your gait

caressing your contours

close your eyes
and listen ....

listen with every every infinitesimal particle of self
listen with very the essence of your being
listen & feel ....

feel that sun piercingly bright, pressing upon the folds of your eyelids
feel & listen
as in this moment you are
white bones strengthen against the warm rhythm of air
wind shimmers boldly thru the trees
moving you into a place & space
capable & free
golden and
youth straddles the currents of april's wind
hold out your arms
and as you feel the weight of the world & the wind
suddenly it lifts you to a place & space
that smells of dreams & lilacs & yesterdays possibility ....

trust it
go now ...
close your eyes


  1. Today is a perfect day for this poem. Thank you for putting into words what I feel when I stand in the warmth of the sun.

  2. Very, very nice, spiritual, natural, I like the end especially but over all it was a GREAT read. I felt the rhythm of air....very creative with so much talent. Keep creating.

  3. Patty, DiAnne & Oh Wellspring .... Thank you .

  4. ahhh the wind... it blows fierce...it blows soft... mostly it blows to remind us ... that we are here to dance... to move...

    I found this today on Plum Tree Books..
    I stood in your words... felt the wind blow
    the joy flow all around and had to come to tell you :~) bliss

  5. Luna. . .Oh Goodness ! Thank you. Thank you for hearing something & pausing to comment . ;-) love