Thursday, June 6, 2013


opal ....
fractured dawn of the yellow fitch
tincture of lemon balm
fragrance of yarrow & peony
morning is hollow of disappointment
yet echo's of a dream outlined in ash
tasting of red clay & coneflowers blue
stay this moment ...
hold close the cardinal song
and wait there beneath the crab apple for a sign ...
sign of rain
sign of awakening
sign of aquarius
a sign . .
stretch this dawn into evermore
eating oatmeal with brown sugar & butter
with 3 sunshine dogs
a yellow fitch


  1. I love this poem. It really catches an interlude of peace with wonderful sensory images, and the contrast of hollowness behind it. Opal feels perfect. I can see the finch and hear the cardinal. The specific naming of trees and herbs, birds, really gives strength and beauty. Thank you for this one. Now excuse me while I go sign up to follow your blog.

  2. Oops. Am I missing it, or do you not have follower sign up?

  3. hello Victoria . ooh my thank you for those words . wow. and I will check my settings but darn, it should be there !!! ooo thank you !!

  4. Victoria ,,, i believe this will find you but, the upper follower tab is there as long as i am signed in . . . everything looks in order, but had this issue about a week ago, then it all popped again ! please let me know if still missing ... thank you !

  5. ah "eating oatmeal with brown sugar and butter"
    I'm headed to the kitchen for a midnight snack!
    Loved it!

  6. @ Victoria . . i believe one just has to be signed
    in to follow . . maybe - :) !!!