Wednesday, October 16, 2013

first hard frost

Layers of train song and
cosmic dust roll out into the night
Singing of restless ease and the weight of the day
Weariness has taken a room in my bones
left the bathroom light on & lost the remote
Revolution lies in the stars, in the stones and folded into the cherry pie crust
Blossom holds the day and counts it complete
Come tether me to mercury and jump the Leo moon
Blue iced ribbons adorn my desire as I struggle to float
and if I think hard enough  . . .
Wish strong enough
Hold on loosely enough while
wrapping you
Autumn's cashmere, Turkish delight, Kipling's words
and the fluffiest feather-down of one o'clock in the morning mingled with the faintest waftings of honeyed-sugar-cookie-sex ...
you will come