Friday, November 30, 2012

for the water . . .

these words have steeped for a while now . .
in this vessel of November sky & the golden light of plowed fields . .
you are Water Turquoise-Cinque-Terre-Blue :
soothing, enveloping & sure
with the crystalline smell of first snow - icy & apple-crisp
spiced with a lavender borealis & ginger zest
you allow the float, the surrender, the paintbox to swoop in & rise to song
present in love, forgiveness & laughter . . .
you ride between wonder & sage-ness
taking prisoners wildly delightful in their felted chains
with a hand of grace & skill
mischievous . . you lure your sailors with Guinness Cake & a canvas of surprise
crafting connection with brush strokes of vibrant color-wheel possibility
holding us all closer to the light
shining & floating. . .
Water Turquoise-Cinque-Terre-Blue

Monday, November 26, 2012


You steal beside me like an ochre whisper
phantom presence
softly erasing all negative space
blooming into darkness & the quiet burn of a million stars
"Make a strong line, don't sketch it out - be sure when you draw", you once told me.
Be sure
 . . . drawn then
Held - with a kiss that carries the weight & spin of this blue rock
Exquisite : containing the 1949 worlds fair, the soundtrack to fantasia
& maybe the partridge family
ruby-throated hummingbirds land on my tongue & travel into my soul
stealing all measure of hurt
weaving a patch of feathers, words & succulence over all wounds
skin is diffused & forgiven - effervescent . . .
inconsequential to the heart of the matter
celebrated by the sureness of snow as it lies on my lips
direct & boldly waiting for the sureness of the melt
boreal & piercing
and sure  . . .

Friday, November 23, 2012

davis avenue

underneath the sofa
was a perfect place to lay
tucked & pajama-footed
in my secret hide-a-way
yellow flannel-orange blossoms
perfect to blend between
nylon threads, vanilla walls
picture-window tv screen
parents glued to Carson,
no one saw me sneak
along the shadows of a room
to risk the chance to peek
grown-ups had this cocktail life,
up late with cigarettes & rye
as I triangled behind the couch,
a pony-tailed-bobby-socked spy
I watched the world unfold from there
my vantage a hushed thrill
if I could only turn back time
you'd find me nested still

Monday, November 19, 2012


Hollowness is only hollowness when viewed from within the hollow
When beside it, it shimmers with a ripeness found only in peaches
and the sun
Most often, it is found in shades of blue & green
though gold sometimes hides deep in it's pockets
Lay your ear against it's tautness, and listen
Do you hear the ocean ? the pulling note from a cello ? rain on a sidewalk ?
Maybe the soundtrack from Goldfinger or Doctor Zhivago
Lay your hand upon the hollow, and snap down a beat . . It's ring of rhythm surprises
It holds a tone & a thread of story . . .
Hollowness holds everything when one stands from without

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Darker though becoming. . . .
of clear water frozen shallow
with no benefit of kites or bridges
traveling in wires thin of courage
ring-tailed moon
a silver mapled soul

Saturday, November 3, 2012


mid-day shadows
for an island upon which to gather berries & silence
thorned & violet as cotton acanthium
bring me quiet blue
splashing against sinew & marrow
wide & pale as fragility
still …. 
hushed birdsong & anthem
hushed to lines bold & righteous
hush ….
i will wear feathers
      find you

At Plum Tree Books, we are having a little Blog Walk
to celebrate Joss Landry's new book Mirror Deep, 
This blog walk centers around a paragraph, poem or piece challenge - using the word longing.
I can run a little luke-warm on traditional blog-hops, so this is a great incentive to write something new, include other artists & writers … and meet some new friends !

I hope you check in, and see who has joined our longing walk …...


5th November:
Jennifer Kiley  @occultguardian

6th November: 

8th November: 
Tonia Marie Harris @TMarieHarris

10th November: 

Dianne Ebejer: 

Susie Bertie: