Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Day #22 : life on a minimum maintenance road

a pastoral poem 

tethered to earth 
we bind to our life 
often we're fooled 
to pursuits more divine 
arguing with gods
our pain and our fate 
we long to make sense of
the weight of the ache 

here on the dirt road 
life just shines thru 
dust on our lips 
sky overhead a deep azure blue 
here on the dirt road 
love is everything 
youth is a fable 
the wind knows your name 

plum bushes bloom 
in ditches defined 
pink & white blossoms 
(the jam tastes sublime!)
milo & coneflowers 
ditch weed & broom 
sunflowers & aspargus 
in this quarter-mile prairie room 
a thousand head of cattle 
graze on fescue & rye 
cranes swoop off the river 
filling the sky 
horses peer nonchalantly 
from oak avenues 
there's a haunted old church 
with ghosts in its pews 
wild iris unfolds 
in the afternoon light 
clover clusters in hollows 
held bittersweet tight 
a meadowlark's song 
escapes from a nest 
the moon rises up 
to compass the west 
deer come to fields 
thick with willow & elm 
evening drops its blackness 
stars overwhelm 

but here on this dirt road 
love just shines on 
dust on our lips 
pale blue waits for the dawn 
here on the dirt road 
life is everything 
youth is a fable 
the wind knows your name 


  1. Love this Suzie. I have been reading them all but having some trouble commenting....sometimes my comments not taking but know that I'm loving all your beautiful words.

  2. Oh Thank you for being out there listening DiAnne and thank you for your kind words truly ❤️