Tuesday, February 9, 2016


light cast
whispered thread of ordination
sublime red cardinal morning
doubt flickers in its gasping rise and fall
rise and fall
into arms capable of holding all
rumbled beautiful feathers of my furrow welt
rise and fall
rise and fall
the felted fit -- luminous in moon's wake
know our trail
the stars above
the turning of word and weather
rise and fall

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Fixing the ravel

To fix the ravel
wax the thread
staunch the wound that bleeds rose-red
bandage with salve, sunshine & tears
press firmly
define the fear

sew on the patch
tender the hole
smooth the ends, extract your tole
return the borrowed
enfold the night
kiss the broken as it takes flight

fix the ravel
wax the thread
to mend with mercy
love embed

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Friday, February 5, 2016

a study of the things he loves ....

with an intensity
mathematicians and wizards;
quantity divided variety
barometric pressure
squared by the velocity of the sun
he watches .....
day's blizzard roars beyond walls
small birds fall
the sun lost behind this solid front of silver-white
branches whip, bend
quiver with weight & sharpness
he worries over shelter, seed, suet
accessible nourishment for the brave feathered ones ....
resolute fearless flyers against storms fury
he watches with an intensity
interest plus compassion
equal blindness to pressing things
human things
things with holes & human hearts
Ah! what elegant desire
noble keeper of chordata aves 
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Tuesday, February 2, 2016


shadows & light
shadows & light
fate lies curled in the corner tight
we move with hesitant steps somedays
intent upon the golden page
open, close we kneel and then
backs to the wall, we learn to bend
tea d'ironie - we lift our cup
and drink our fate
blue-lavandar hyssop
shadows & light
shadows & light
a corner turned & hope takes flight ,,,, 
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Monday, February 1, 2016

beekeepers lament

gossamer thread worn thin holds fast
beekeepers dance by the secret deer track
willow creek bends to the moonlit wind
over the hill--then back again

stretch a new canvas a thousand feet wide
pinned & buckled by a snowy owl's cry
two broken barns it flies between
gessoed white by flying machines

paint a landscape thick and true
inked with blood and certitude
fiddler plays long into the night
when snow it comes, the fire burns bright

beekeepers & minstrels gather to flame
lovers & poets weave a gambled game
a path is taken, a fable begun
of white-birch firelight & honeybee rum

winter's storm becomes the canvas becomes midnight
plein air painting--our blue-gray acolyte
frosted river echoes sandhill cranes descent
this glen--this tale our beekeepers lament

gossamer thread worn thin holds fast
beekeepers dance ....

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

of light . . .

your watermark lies on my thigh
parchment skin, burned edges dry
blue jay's call nestled on my tongue
damage wrung from
song of salt & stone
dreams of moonlight call me home

tattoo bands of evergreen
circle round the king & queen
days of tourmaline slip past
pearled fast and woven
hold on dormant rising tide
stories old--a thousand years to find

spin the bottle--throw the dart
by scent i knew your tattered heart
ancient magic cast the spell
amber dwells enchamtment--winds they shift
lucky; the ones who fly
uncharted path in starry indigo skies

your watermark lies on my thigh
we rise

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Friday, January 29, 2016

звезды ( stars )

Domed days under herculean skies
stepping, counting, bending days
striving for aqua-puzzled-reason
nights shading, dripping into indigo
as faith's trajectory shifts to a new meridian
soul seeks nourishment from stars
the unexpected conversation
Healing lies there in :
circini, corvus & circus trains
compassion permeable
boundaries spiraling
the open arms of night  . . .

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