Tuesday, October 21, 2014


captured stillness
echoes of childhood trapped in the morning's pulse
from the open window comes 
a breeze from 1964 
stirrring my freckled pale arm 
suddenly ...
am ageless;
socks soft upon carpet 
mindful of my wakefulness 
light lies upon gray 
the rustle of leaves timbres 
still ageless 
and amazed ... 
that this is life 
just this one moment:
soft, gray
with senses buzzed by the light of always 

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the edge of things ...

distance becomes blue 
seeping to bones of linen lost 
prism pressed in equations
exponentially greater than the speed of light
particles fractured into a thousand spinning suns 
ringing with the vibrations of whiskey & wait 
blue + linen becomes a softer blue 
content with the sun
these scattered dust motes 
of the far far away ... 

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Friday, October 17, 2014

the gray

it lays on me
the expectation of words
mango butter melting
then gone
seeped to cells
rolling beating pulsing
on the dust
my ordinary hours circling circling
tasting of powder sugar sunshine
October's sidewalk at nine o'clock in the evening .....

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what once was
alludes & binds
a heavy cape of velvet blurs royal lines
oh . . . what became of nebraska-blue?
veiled in poppies of aubergine new
golden sure
wild strawberry bright
origami sparrow flying white
oh .....
be careful and wise as wishes do come true :
sorrows rue
kaleidoscope seasons 
turn and go ... turn and go
as the dreamscape of want simmers
then slows ..
invisible we become
beige'd to beige
wallflower silent / Einstein's sage
touch yourself
first there!  .... then
                open the vein
wake the lost!
ghosts of euphoria tinder the frost
cloaked and hidden .... I walk thru walls
sweeping up the storylines
our story .... my story .....
inked between nights
golden fields bloom & the legend of light
the cut becomes sharpest at the cold snap of morning
while bent
the singed edges of
velvet weighted warming
intent thickens the bones
in the heart of the clear
forgiveness fills the corners
moon-shadows drip near
to waken ....
to walk ....
to be seen through the briar
to lie with the dragons of crystal blue fire
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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

upon a black stallion in the woods ....

Show to me
your saddlebags of words & beautiful
filled to summer's sun with the demons of yesterday
today, the woods smell of verbena & dappled leather
and the light ,,,
Oo the light cuts thru chaos & tenderness
to call the clouds down from heaven's azure fate
weary is the wait, but sweet the story tells -
of a water weave between said heaven & hell 

Show to me
the cities upon your road ;
of silk & sword ,
fire & air
of . . there ... there !
I spy the apricot souls of the truth in your eyes
parsley & collected sighs
to parry & collide on a field between stones
locked in a stonecircle .... our apple-lined home 

Show me the storyline between surrender & strength
transparent now to the echoes we keep
prism'd ... ancient
Oh my brother to hold & stay
Oh my love .... to hold & stay
take my hand to the diamonds & dust of this day
to hold 

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summer cooling , , ,

the trace echo of our intimacy
folds me in two
with an ease of embrace that is tender & sure
swallowed complete by the journey lying behind your heart
I am there always
lingering, waiting & leaning into a new song to hum
catching your smell as I dance downwind where the trace is strongest
ribboned in dark midnight blue & morning fog
I am use to it by now
that quixotic company of self & sun
to the hollow & the drum
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Thursday, September 11, 2014

west on highway 6

west on highway 6
fresh-mown road ditches
goldenrod fields
pierce cardamon daydreams
thrum-thrum of tires on crappy pavement baked in midwestern sun at 91 degrees
these dog days of summer will likely head-butt
into a near morning's early frost
silvering threads of conversation & memories
buried six inches & 12 months deep in soil
the color
coffee grounds & honeyed cigar smoke
sunflower towers catch dragonflies & remorse
petaled mile-markers randomly blown from Orion's belt
what design do they illuminate?
what trail of illusion?
it smells
the ageless green of this september day …

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