Friday, January 20, 2017

{we the people}

no words will rise today as blackbirds
soft gray the sky
void of cadence and cusp
soft gray this morning
a chance of rain
no song, no rhyme
as grace laps at shores
hearts folded into
our ancestors blue
and yesterday...
sunlight has gathered her skirts
taking to fields distant
in search of silence, truth & pages
felted with possibility
as shining sorrow swells--bursting
under one sky
this morning ...
where no blackbirds rise

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

board games

peace is sometimes found unexpectedly
strength is discovered in the lack
action is found in the not doing
risk is found in the staying
faith is found in the warmth of knowing who you are in the chaos of your days
when one spends their life going deep
feeling too much
talking too much
loving fiercely
when one is not looking - truth sneaks up
and bites you on the ass
in shallow simplicity
sheer brilliance
action is found in the none action
in staying - sticking the landing
waiting veiled in the sureness
this space ....
this space.
hold fast
loving regardless
don't write a manifesto
shed ego
gamble your significance tenderly
roll the dice
go to the next place on the board
knowing love is found in Candy Land
not in Kierkegaard or Ayn Rand
Candy Land

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

of melt

of blood to heart to limb to land
green to gold as glass and sand
become we tender
sun to night
moonlit night
from field fallow to fields gold
it takes but a moment
a story told
to sleeping earth and channel dry
the heavens weep for sorrow's sigh
become we strive to evermore
become undone
dust and lore

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Capricorn golden, amaranth & kasbah blue
sounding strangely like a meadowlark's song
searching i am
something  . .
as I dervish wildly;
slicing the fragments of my bindings
whirling madly waiting for the collateral damage & blood
just when i believed all secrets & paradigms were caged. . .
I catch the scent of some mystery, some truth still buried
illusive & teasing. . .
tolerance adapts : leaving me numb - resigned
until the warmth of that shine and the richness of that song nudge the hollowness
scouting & revealing