Friday, July 27, 2018

requiem #845

if today my spark should cease
these motes of movement settle
then i would leave upon this blue
my fractal fists of being
small parcels of crimson-saffron
to nudge against your shinbones in summer's sky
echoing with the pulse of fireflies

if today my willing should dim
this gypsy contradance gentled
find me tucked against the wild iris
at nine thousand three hundred and five feet
riding the water white over stones over mountain
as pine nettles sharp sticks to tongue
arms wide open to the sun

if today all blaze & briar rests
this blood smoothes to heart's rebellion
yearning shadows the cottaged cage
of fragility's equation written
to the song & tender weight of honeysuckle
comets flicker to remind
stardust will be all that you can find

hour glass

the spark and crash of tempests flaring
solared prism of misplaced forgiving
marks our journey
from death
to living
circled in amber arms at twilght's nearing
we reach
we touch
we fold
with blood's carmine brimming
softly falling
a summer sparrow's song ...

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


accomplished you call me
bold and loyal blue
like a geisha
noble you
steeped in integrity
intelligence rolls & rolls like waves
you call me a poet, an artist
you knighted fearless & fierce
we exchange compliments like endearments
building one another
to a field golden
to stand in a moment of intimacy that heralds
the end of summer

June 24th

hummingbird moths tumble from your lips
pausing momentarily to set fire to sage
dashing to afternoon tea on Mars
my movements slow
breath slows
as if
the wrong
the wrong turn
the wrong breath will break the connection
the line does break
sudden & violent in its gap
only the moths remain
dancing in their discovery of blue
you call back
once more weaving a spell I am too timid to define

though I've made for myself a new garment
from the colors of Spring
and grown accustomed to the taste of whiskey & wind
though I have colored in the boundary line bold & tangerine
enlisting blue jays to guard my bones
your light is heart's home

Saturday, July 21, 2018

to the wild

i do not miss you
either of you
of yellow sun & amber moths
my bones now
ageless & more than bones more than breath
replete with the weight of my heart
beating its rhythm in paisley velvet swirls
its cadence sweeping--a cello hums in ponder rich & unpredictable
a light glows in the story
placed there by my own hand this past tuesday
everything lost becomes found
everything gray becomes celebrated
i am young once again
held by a white birch tree against the sweep of sorrow & love
i am a child of the sky
complete & tangerine 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


the color of wanting 
verdant set against a swath of azure-dome 
there is movement & morning 
touch & go 
this life not embroidered upon the bone 
but set afire in the longing 
leaf set afloat in a mountain stream 
river rocks my home 
blue jays realm 
to rest in love's welcome gloam 

lost becomes found

divinity exposed in chameleon waking
as tannins pool from the crack of this tangerine morning 
somewhere in 1972, self was tucked behind a ethan allen sofa 
lost to dust motes & decay 
remembered not at all
widens the crack 
days & nights ....brushed to being 
removed & remarked upon 
dust is polished to a shine replete with diamonds
matter transformed settles and becomes her heart
no mask, no chameleon shifting 
bowling green to evergreen to sapphire blue 
throw the chameleon to the fire 
hold-fast to this tenuous thread of now 
hello cherry-amaranth heart