Monday, June 2, 2014

june 2 at 8 o'clock

sometimes it is hard to write from the flat places . . .
this braided morning of songbirds & coffee
light aligned with contentedness oaked & amber-mine
no lingering dream of surrendered cotton smoothness
no peaked & inescapable yearning
merely a leaning into a shadowed new morning
sure in the knowing
sure of the curve of the flat places
sure in the damp-dove-calling of these minutes
shining  . .


playground ....
spinning red, blue, yellow, green
cool to the touch
wobbling above
uneven ground
thrumming 'round
as this traveling window spins ,,,,
twirls and
spins again
green-leafed trees, brown-dry earth
zoom past
faces, movement, heart-rate fast
hold on ...
don't look down
gaze upon this sparkling june night ,,,,
gaze & breathe & hold on tight
lean into the whirl or resist the curve
you are the force behind the spin
able to slow or push again
this tattered earth toy
this wheel of childhood
listen ?
feel that pull ?
that circle dance ?
you are the reason this tale is told
now hold on tight 
and don't let go   . . 

eclipse of the 3rd & 9th

it is but a fable,
a story told . .
of coyotes & jesters
thieves & killers
moss-agate paths not taken & turquoise held captive ....
the opposition of force & desire struggling across distance & the expected
sparks of jupiter leave their scar-trail in some long-forgotten map of home
while currents of air circle & blaze 
circle & blaze . . 
upon waking :  there is suddenly no sideways struggle
merely a cooling willow wind and
a knowing peace that rests with things you can not see
warrior-love exists there in the quiet places now
a bridge upon which worlds rest & spin
knowing chiron & the sharp pain of loss will find you
breathless & waiting & content
scents of olive & thunder linger in the air . .
fire - air - water
a fable
a story told under mercury's stars ....
a colliding dance down a topaz trail, deeply wooded-green & lined with a swan's feathers  . . .
no pressing of time now that the shadow of the sun has lingered here
breathe deeply of marigold & amethyst
hold fast
accept &
know you are exactly where you need to be
and where you are ....
is love