Friday, May 28, 2021


grab the tail 

comet up! 

maple's whirligig a-light 

canopy of green delight

drenched in spring honey whisperings 

nothing belongs 

nothing is too much 

when traveling 

at the speed of emptiness

from a window on davis avenue

waiting watching i remember from such an early age 

peering out into the darkness to sorrow's tucked in far off corners 

a knowing unknowing pressing pulling of stars  


needing more 

wrapped in flannel 

wrapped in pink guidance quested unblinking 

sureness of a valley lost to views earthly tangle 

rest becomes a tempest of strange seeking 


being sought amid the shadows 


at morning's radiant beaming bright 

meadowlarks wake the wonder of each & every color 

while rows & rows of iris bloom magnificent 

under a moon 

who remembers the night ....

Thursday, May 27, 2021


one moment to mark the line between what was 

what is 

hands nesting 

seeking refuge from emptiness & fullness

now tangled in cottonwood 

patterns of 


we become another--untorn unbroken 

as peonies at daybreak 

wear me like sweet blue silk and I will sing you free 

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

the tall grass

 nebraska skies are cloudy 

with weather on the way 

you call and wonder if i heard that song 

though three years have passed 

though it's actually four

but three feels saner somehow 

and i answer as if it was just this morning from 

a fancy elevator in switzerland 

you called to say you loved me more 

and the room gets draped in shadows grey 

as the dandelion sun hides away 

at only four 

i'm sitting on the dining room floor 



though my blood is singing against bones too fragile for may 

silence is sex & water 

lifting to sorrow's fields golden and


for more of the things not asked for 

love is found in the corners & the contrast 

of rosemary and leather-honeyed tongues 

have i heard that song 

of course i have 

on a concrete loop amidst the blue of my days 

he tells me all the things i want to fall from your lips 

things you've whispered over lines & skin 

thru dreams dark with dust & power 

he says the lines of every song 

though it's only four 

there's some fragment of memory lodged in the feathers of this spring 

holding a foolish cloudy wonder 

with weather on the way 

rain always brings you home 

and i'll answer the door 

like it's only four 

Friday, May 14, 2021

pausing for an hour here

 this place 

that stings as three blue jays fly overhead 

each movement swollen with clouds 

rain comes 


after it grows quieter 


sharp not sharp 

this place 

am i hollow or have i merely become a cloud 

dense with vapor cooling 


are my eyes open or closed against the lack

of sun 

where are the birds now? 

here -- feathers tucked against my breastbone 

holding their quiet breath 

becoming clouds 

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

chapter two ~ missing

 what is this place? 

this bardo of quiet

this palest endless plain 

every direction looks the same 

every breath electric 


searching for some token 



where does the love go now? 

in this realm of quiet ...