Friday, December 30, 2016

of light . . .

your watermark lies upon my thigh
parchment skin, burned edges dry
blue jay's call nestled on my tongue
damage wrung from
song of salt & stone
dreams of moonlight call me home

tattoo bands of evergreen
circle round the king & queen
days of tourmaline slip past
pearled fast--woven
hold to dormant rising tide
stories old--a thousand years to find

spin the bottle--throw the dart
by scent i knew your tattered heart
ancient magic cast the spell
amber dwells enchamtment--winds shift
lucky; the ones who fly
uncharted path in indigo skies

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

a walk in the woods on a winter morn

felted marshmallows lie upon my tongue thick
as a peregrine's wings
white-gold to blue to crimson shining
brambles of turkish delight weave about the
dangerous & tempting
as a cherry pie
come! come!
we require a rescuer
a savior
disguised as a bumblebee
with mighty horns of opalescent silver
Oh, what tales we'll tell of this dark time
what bridges we will build to worlds awaiting
upon my feet--
raven feathers cling to yesterday
savoring the sweetness of memory
blue jay'd
(age does that)
(wisdom listens)
lean upon my blackberry shoulders
rubus occidentalis
walk with me through
thicket & stone to taste
the salted sea
this coolness of a winter morning
this drala path
this tender journey home ...

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

whisper song

Goldfinches sing against the sun
breath of light-yellow-pausing
the chatter of nuthatches
to this blue-jay-morning
trembling tenacious life
always brimming
of this bright new day
of the shimmering-solstice-sun

Moon to last quarter square with the Sun

Thick quiet
stillness here . . .
pause . . .
Snaps of cloud fall to earth
To an embrace of open arms
To color the night in lost and found
moon-glow & screech owl call
pause . .
Yes, that's right . . . there.
Hold there
Breath of moon
Cut of snow