Monday, December 31, 2012

new year's eve

we write and we breathe
we live
we die
taking inventory of our days, our hours
hopefully noticing the snap of the stars at night
at mercy to the sorrow-holes
at mercy to the sun's reflection
we show up
we retreat
we grasp & release
resolutions made by fools & thieves
paths are walked by the weary & the paisley'd wanderer
in woods dappled by constrast
hold it in
give it away
arms made sinewy & beautiful to hold the sky, to hold the fragile
backs of willow-marble pink to lean into the wind
legs sure & liquid
a heart that recalls the taste of snowflakes on my tongue
the magnetic north of your skin
dreams that speak the gypsy tongue
we write
we breathe
unfolding to the evergreen of possibility
to the grace within . . .
we breathe


empty, restless, hungry, tired, wanting, feeling .....
... the snow that waits outside these windows awakens me to
a desire for wine ....
a bold, deep cabernet with heavy bread
a want of books, of blogs, of leather boots with high heels, flannel sheets
& clean white socks with nakedness, of lectures & knowledge, of greys & blues, of smells.
i'm fucking hungry !!
i crave visions, revelations, magic, snow, dancing, language, poetry, thoughts that explode or linger, words that bleed, words that bruise, touch that heals.
i want to eat your laughter, the sound of your sighs
to consume the dust of your soul
happy hours of your silence & your semen
medium rare steak, underwear, wind, thunder-ale drowned in music.
music, music, music ....
i'll devour your salt-honeyed skin
i am obscenely starved i am ....
of touch, movement, snow, alice's looking glass, peace, sunshine, mountain breezes,
affordable health care
edible words like cunt & fuck & snow & linger & mango
give me cigar smoke, tribal dreams and new orleans
sweet smell of honeysuckle jazz
and your smell 

your smell
one, two, three ...
madly jonesing i am.
let me chew, gulp. lick, smell once again, kiss forever
lie in your arms forever .....
to lick every warm inch of skin, to have my mouth full of your
songs, strawberries, earth, joy.
wake up !!
turn off your cell phone- pull down your underwear- get wet-
- pour your mind into my hands
hold ...... 

Friday, December 21, 2012

let the light catch up with you …..

On this day
 … the sun is peeking over the roofs to my east & moving over the pillows of snow drifted & frozen upon nearly everything.
the sky is clear …. forget-me-not blue.  pale. clear.
at 8:30, i realize it was one week ago … around this time that sorrow landed with the pop & chaos of catastrophic violence in sandy hook.
i stop.
and breathe … watching the sun and its reflection upon the snow.
i remember loss.  my own personal, deep-to-the-marrow-loss and how above all things, i just wished that everyone would just stop
…. and i truly mean everyone.  just fucking stop :
for a moment, for one moment - to realize the depth of my loss, the world's loss ….
to notice my aching & tattered hole.
to stop.
and in stopping, i notice the light is moving closer to me …. silently sure & bold
silently illuminating my place
in stopping, we let the light to catch up with us

Monday, December 17, 2012

love in a grove of trees or what comes after .....

the smooth slip of the silver needle lies between fingers dry & uncertain
my 6th vain attempt of bulls-eyeing the vanilla thread is heavy & ringing
things will be alright if i can just sew this button on a pair of jeans she wants . .
things will be alright if i say the right thing, look full & compassionate
pointedly earnest & hanging
concern defines chaos
outlining evenings buckled in grateful fear & mortality
things will be alright if i buy her a new skirt, complement her hair
hold that ancient precious memory close .... enough
feed her right & she will grow strong & resilient
show her the shores of the world & read her books of peter rabbit & frog & toad
let her choose her clothes & she becomes confident & free
define her poppy-sparrow-laughter
there is the blue-red of
needle pricked flesh ...
leaving a scar ever-so-slight & insignificant
slight & insignificant
is there such a thing ?
ever ?
no one ever tells you what it's like to swim in paralyzing gratefulness
thick, blue & smothering
warm & murky
gratefulness is an insignificant word . .
it is more a mercy-steeped-grace
beating & throbbing with all things ....
all things alive and green & smelling of a ripe peach in sunshine .
no one tells you how to love inside out & lost to the
rhythm of a clock not your own
no control, except to press the wound gently & steadily until .....
things are alright

Friday, December 14, 2012


Everything is candy apple sophomoric and flat
Void of sensation and bite
Air chilled and strained of Mozart, honey & stars . . .
Pluto exposing our fire, our wise blue nakedness
I need to swing out higher than tree tops
To run alongside cars & mustangs
I need to plunge into water braced for a December night
To wear a gown of Edwardian lace : full & resplendent & tight
Carve out whatever magic-seed is meshed into my soul and roast it
With sage & lavender until my soft palate quivers with need
Tie me to the white aspen & allow the sparrow to tattoo it's name along my thigh
Fill my heart with gems of blue & azure . .
Hold it up to the moon & catch the scent of your archer self. . .
Hold it. . . just right and you will shine that sparkle
Into my marrow and
I will feel

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

calling moon to venus

violet-blue wash  . . .
a softness of dusk-pink defines the horizon
lift the brush
& carry the felted bird,
the pined branch
forgiveness lies thorned & dry upon the scarred skin of acceptance
run your hand down the sternum of this fairy apple-soul
light the way to love
in corners ash bold & sharp
thrumming to season's shift
winter's bite of frost & fragility gray
no more
no more
paint my path with the colors of this day

Friday, December 7, 2012


what of the things that surround us. . .
textures of cotton or hemp, silks or stone
colors azure bold or softly veiled
scents timeless & traveled
tapped in, wired in
candles illuminating our path or
corners shadowed & unknown . .
what we see. . . we become
step to the side of the ordinary, touch the extraordinary
see what has lied there alone & covered by earth & leaves
kicked aside as if some gypsy's dream
shed those garments that weigh your shine down
pick up a scent of a new path . . and follow with trust & possibility
we become what we know . .
so know deeply
see differently
trust your steps
listen to all the shades of gray . .
and with your voice raised to the clouds :

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


this isn't about love
not about the tracing of maps upon skin-streets
not about needs
60 days
or the shape i found you in
it is the feel
of my body - this body
striving to be all it can
bones of hand swollen and aching
skin becoming creped, freckled from age
not sun-kissed and peachy
as before ....
as before.
bones thinning
refusing to listen
in hips, waist, thighs
reckless youth
what i would trade for the effortless birthright of ease of movement
coltish awkwardness & strength
...... and joy.
i ache
from the grinding of bone upon bone
muscle against the gravity of the moon
and the space between where we are and where we want to be
held there by the tautness of your will

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


it is
what I get from you . . .
unheralded & honeysuckled
this bridge of
enough . . .
spanning the place between cargo pants
and lacy underthings
sweet clove surrender
folding into a pink borealis of
feminine fire
decidedly belonging .
enough . . .
to fill the broken places & saddle the phoenix-rising
from tail to breast
snow white of bone-hollowed fullness
secrets carried close & wild
always enough . .