Tuesday, June 29, 2021


if i linger for a beat longer than a blink 

if i close my eyes & conjure a space boundary-less & undiscovered 

full of light

full of darkness 

smelling of summer & salt 

there you are 

taking up the invisible corners 

whispering to the day with an nearly imperceptible shadow 

clinging to me like a dust mote that lands at three o'clock in the afternoon 

finding its home upon my shoulder 

light darkness summer salt 

you are my summer grass 

my small spark of everything outside the lines 

some, let's linger and talk of radical bees & possibilities 

there you are 

Thursday, June 24, 2021

noon thirty

 i sat inside the hive and listened to the air of just afternoon 

tangible tremors of a westerly breeze bringing rain 

and a measure of grace 

abundant robins scattering songs amidst the overcast 

weighty seems the day 

the heart can hardly absorb the wonder present 

in one breath 

one moment 

one birdsong 

Friday, June 18, 2021

summer at midday

 June days when the wind comes out of the southwest 

hot--smelling of highways & old diners 

the pony runs between the white line & the sage 

time sweeping the hours to twilight 

as the sun transforms skin to golden shadows 


possibility stretches from horizon to hope

and back again 

how wild these days

how tender the ride