Friday, February 21, 2014


choose your badge of the day woman man child straight gay black white polka dots blue eyes brown eyes florals or stripes red blue we all feel the same amazement when we smell a coming storm hold a childs hand or spy the first crocus of the spring and i have had to rethink alot of things from rites of passage to dragonfly wings where is my center what is my core where is the line my line the line we crossed a thousand times that i can't see anymore to rethink my faith well nothing new there black fallen catholic to a love child of eyrie, here on the prairie creating small paper wax music glass worlds - no division no walls
planets of words green or blue east or west paths collide and i'm failing all tests as in each structured belief harbors its opposing twin so one is in the other this game i can't win is it love or addiction the ultimate quest the sacredness of knowing duality of intent duality of desire do this do that stand here think this to end suffering one must end all desire blue or green east or west choose life or death by complacency love or addiction and yet to pose the question signifies the loss of the highest degree the smell of an early autumn night fresh mown grass seeping under my gate and i know where home is and how bright stars shine and where snow takes me and the wonder of a kiss and is it love or addiction does it matter to those who stand outside the fire at whose door does the cosmic debt lay the one who cracks it open or the one who bricks it up the one who ignores the door is the price to be honored by sacrifice or fear whose cavalry rides the righteous road and whose blood is more red the story forms a boundary a line a line crossed a thousand times all the while your will stands guardian upon your wounded heart regret and thought and the space between words on a line know this love is the ultimate badge and only love remains
and i have had to rethink many things from rites of passage to dragonfly wings

Monday, February 3, 2014


. . . to be honeysuckled velvet
beautiful naked - dressed in whispers & hymns ..
the quick prism of rain-dust upon your tongue
i reek of dreams & corseted wants
longing to feel the cold gray highway upon my back
as you press me to the thistled ledge
sideways into galaxies & alleyways
quivering shivering
i taste
you in dictionaries, Kipling & old movies . .
ancient iron biting my palate
staining my lips with snow
melted nectar marking a rite of evolution & passage
a rising . . ,