Monday, December 31, 2018

new year's eve

we write and we breathe
we live
we die
taking inventory of our days, our hours
hopefully noticing the snap of the stars at night
at mercy to the sorrow-holes
at mercy to the sun's reflection
we show up
we retreat
we grasp & release
resolutions made by fools & thieves
paths are walked by the weary paisley'd wanderer
in woods dappled by constrast
hold it in

give it away

arms made sinewy & beautiful
to hold the sky, to hold the fragile
backs of willow-marble-pink to lean into the wind
legs both sure & liquid
a heart that recalls the taste of snowflakes on my tongue
the magnetic north of your skin
dreams that speak the gypsy tongue

we write
we breathe
unfolding to the evergreen of possibility
to the grace within . . .

we breathe

Sunday, December 30, 2018


the story told of typewriters
click-clack talking back
that echo lingers in my head
as if some turnkey stood there
mending stories thread
words pressed out upon a white page
embedded promises to wildness made
raising gaze to break of day
i slip from sombre thoughts to pray
to sun and blue and unseen things
to bark and bone and

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

hand fast

are of this field
gathered wheat & moonstone
cloaked in the sombre sky of winter rain
separated by design
by desire cooled to rye whiskey
the crimson thread thin as sinew
tender not
merely silent
merely sure
resilient to wind & weather
tucked within that hollow space between bone & solitude
now resides the mirth of tiny souls trusted
held fast to the lines we've drawn of ourselves
for ourselves
of ochre & ash
wild wonderers
where one leaves off ... another begins
thick histories of pages wrinkled
tethered to this field
this life
golden gather

hold fast

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

of a room

Strawberry carpet
ceiling & floor
cupcake afternoon
pain ignored
cinnamon memory tucked into bed
sugarplum erotica lives in my head
taste of moonbeams
suffering sure
smell of snowfall
distant vapor
snow heralds forgiveness
sugar-light dusting blue reflecting
stars talk in languages tempered by time
understood in pulses & rhymes
seams too tight
skin alight
ruched sorrow felt in waves white
pressed between ancient panes of glass
this life waking

this night
stars shining

snow falling

The blue you fall into

There is a blue you fall into
on a winter morning
an eternal blue
of reflected fields furrowed gold
cyan rivers wild
shallow and
claimed by golden-pink cirrus-threads
dancing to the sun
coolness wraps solitary and still
below the branches of the hackberry & maple
whispering of
night things & moonbeams
birds silent
breezes rising shifting
dark to alice-blue-gleam
the blue you fall into
Winter morning dream

Moon to last quarter square with the Sun

stillness here
snaps of cloud fall to earth
an embrace of open arms
to color the night in lost and found
moon-glow & screech owl call
Yes, that's right-- there

Hold there
Cut of snow
Breath of moon