Wednesday, July 28, 2021


paced precision
bangs need cutting
clothes too baggy
skin saggy
what do we measure?
when do we care    
to braid that crimson thread
hitch a ride on a blackbird bed
pluck the feathers from pink solitude
unraveling the tempest
touching love's conquest
love's conquest?
    more likely...
a draw
a tie
a coin balanced 
equanimity smoothed 
no triumph
no parade today
breath drawing
heart thawing
under the haze
of this July sun

Monday, July 26, 2021


 ... you dreamed me as i dreamed him 

in wool & shadows waiting 

how does that work in the field between here and there?

do we belong? 

the thing is 

i am merely summers dust motes 


belonging everywhere 

and nowhere 

indigo sparrows alighting between lunar moths 

as marigolds bloom 

i belong in the golden orange bloom of evermore 

trembling green ...

just as i know where i am 

i am lost 

between the petaled folds with a taste of pennies & sky in my mouth 

what is this place? 

this plateau of change 

one moment replete with vastness and the next 


outlined in sorrow's gaberdine 

time rushes unapologetically from branch to branch to sun beams of yesterday 

trapped i am in this landscape of age & everything 



wait for me there 

Sunday, July 18, 2021

diamond night

were you there? 

with textures soft 

green t-shirt striped shorts short skin fresh as sixteen 

to sixty 

fireflies light this room where you sit 

legs gambled crossed with a face I know as yours 

tilted back to night 


bending to you 

there is kiss that travels thru time 



foggy summer morning like a song that won't go quietly .... 

were you there 

     in that diamond dream night? 

Friday, July 16, 2021


 the space between the trees & me 

filled with morning's haze 

a stillness transcendant 

verdant breath carries the call of the blue jay into my marrow 



every cell & particle between the trees & me 

abundant the air 

this dense gray dawn 

awaiting the sun ....

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

wednesday's child

though the cut is sharp ...
shallow rest the ditches of sorrow & loss 
stark against the morning grey as blue jays call to the rain 
and the missingness 
everything is grey--fields & farther 
sky & storm 
heart & bone 
thick this haze --this touchstone 

the closer you gaze at the bottom, the sharper the contrast 
between then 
and now 
then and now ...

wild the ache 
wide the place of grief 
keep it close and weave from it a life rich with stones 
and the water of sorrow 

Thursday, July 1, 2021

when it rains in june

 when it rains in june and the trees delight 

anthems shimmering from drenched leaves 

as birds sing to the grey 

such is this day 

a dog barks revealing the spaces between here 

and there 

echoed overcast arched green & greener 

where do clouds go when it all goes to grey? 

where should i ...