Tuesday, August 28, 2012

too much to say : Plum Tree, Sahel - dreamers & doers. . . .

is sometimes just too much to say …
too much to read & absorb in the course of our days ….
we are stretched tight in the hours & tasks set before us …
it is with that realization that I am humbled & oh so grateful to know a company of folks
known as Plum Tree Books
A fearless & fierce Leader, Artist & Goddess of all Things Stardusty - Niamh Clune, has gracefully allowed me to contribute and play within their realm.
I am lucky.
We are in the midst of dropping a new anthology September 15th : a world fusion-anthology of poetry, music, art, photography … words & images to bring awareness to the plight of a region in Africa known as the Sahel.
Please, take a moment from your 'too much' days … and participate, visit & experience this amazing community of artists.
On, a personal & surprising note … i even have a piece of art up for auction here .
A prismacolor colored pencil piece ( pictured above ) entitled Jym.  
( and a special thanks out to Mary Vaughan - my friend & art teacher for nudging & dragging me into a place where art happens …. )
There is sometimes just too much to say… too much to do …
Now … I'm going to go do . .
thanks for stopping past
a beautiful day to You !!! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

gemini moon at Beverley's place !!,

Guesting at ~


Walking with Beverley

How cool it is to connect, blend & share across the miles .....

Guesting here !!!!

Thank you Beverley !!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mars Night

sleep under a circus tent
under a pinwheel chandelier
Anna Karenina by firefly-light
tucked into my scarlet lofty cocoon ~
locusts thrum & hum
as stars
dirty-honey thick
call ...
owls and the masked ones
broken & bare
thick . . .
pulling at indigo dreams tripped out on
summer dust & particle physics
pulling through skin caught out on a cool august night
stark & stunned . .
pulling slumbered tendrils up to the milky white haze-light
to feed
souls of love warriors & poets cognac
pulling it free to tightrope walk its way
to distant planets
on fluffy socked tiptoes

back . .

Friday, August 3, 2012

Solidarity .

Once Upon a Time, there was a
Lovely Lady of the Thames, Niamh Clune
who manifested a vast & crazy publishing house - Plum Tree Books
It became filled with artists, writers, poets, dreamers & drifters, and the occasional dancing bear.
This international tribe of creatives came together to champion not only one another, but the whole creative process. . . .

The Spring Anthology  , The Butterfly Effect   : AWESOME !!!
Then, there is Youth-Tube … a fresh & unique tool for children & art.
There is a sweet spot for musicbook reviews , and visual arts
I know I'm forgetting something, but you get the idea ….

Along with that creative awareness, also comes an awareness of the Holes.
( this happens intrinsically with creative souls as we look to the World for inspiration & answers )
Holes : the places in our world that need filled with more than just our pretty words.  Places that need our attention and our relief dollars.
Places that need a light shined upon the cracked dry landscape, the famine and dust.
This place, is Sahel Africa.
Now, frank & compassionate discussion about places of need, are not the topics we turn to perhaps during the course of our day … but they need to be.
So we take our pretty words, and turn them to songs of hope, we take our pretty words and create a poem ripe with imagery where the dust sticks to the roof of our mouth.
If we talk of these things now … our children will grow up with an awareness of world & need, our neighbors will see perhaps a place they can help in very real ways.
Our hearts will open & we will come together - Solidarity .
This place is Africa's Sahel ….
We are creating an event

Look inside ….
A Song of Sahel

and be sure to visit DiAnne's Place ,
Shirani Rajapakse's Blog  ,
Claudio Fiore Music 
The Secret Keeper

… more to follow ….