Monday, April 26, 2021

when it smells of rain when no rain is forecast

 it smelled of rain this morning 

through the darkness of an open window before dawn 

there it was 

that heady remarkable scent 

riding rising on the south wind 

opening cracks between time & need 

sticking there to pull 

to draw one aside into a well of 

morning wonder 

no forecast of rain 

only sun & warmth 

by the time the sun rises 

the smell has become a cardinal song 

and I have returned ...

smoke rising after the bonfire

to tell you of the sweep of sensations that take my breath these days 

how the green of grass carries a deeper green 

the sky is vaster 

the heart beats faster 

to tell you of opening the blue jar of multitudes 

-- their colors -- 

shapes -- 

and the weight of dust & shame 

-- relieved 

removed -- 


how loss cuts sharper 

longings departure 

wish I could tell of the sweetness of small hands 

and the brilliant love thrumming there 

(but you probably know that)

how as the sun breaks thru the west windows it 


a radiant moment's prayer 

look at how the wind scatters the blossoms of the apple trees 

to tell you ... 


Thursday, April 22, 2021

there and back again

 capricorn rising to a gemini sun

lake begotten overdone 

misplaced nuture 


telephones & tomato vines 

daffodil streets 

white bread homes 

hopscotch across catholic bones 

be seen not heard 

between expectations 

palomino horse transformation 

deer visit amid winter's hesitation 

no mud 

no lotus 

perfection unknown 

grey sky morning 

coming home 

Thursday, April 8, 2021

reflection across two parallel mirrors

 the striations run east to west 

or perhaps they are west to east at this time of time 

all i know is the light pierces me 

seeping into my bloodstream 

following the pull of the trembling gravity of this moment 


quarking & fracting & splitting into channels 


land in my heart of a thousand suns 


carry the sky within