Friday, September 27, 2013

night visible

willow-curly with trembled femininity
pursued against the chipped & sullen eaves
sun upside-down as a hedge-apple-cake
words buried under the yellows & red of fall
                 g . . .
frost eager at the gate of laurel bark
porcelain berry sings of
indigo-blue stillness
a dream of evening's new moon
hanging moments of willow-curly 


Nudged off the concrete steps 
Into the maple tree
Into pieces of dandelion parachute lightness
Catching the wind into the blue of this day
Pulled & lifted into visions of use & service
Unwound, released & reaching
Open & available
To be present & vital to the boned & feathered
To write, to fly, to soar into the something more .....
To complete the flight 
To follow thru
With no fear of heights
No fear of the landing
Maple Tree shimmering … 
Flight into me 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


mercurial enchantment
cast in the stones thrown in the valley of loss & sorrow's lament
bleeding out
in the gamma ray'd awareness
of my need
my need ...
rimmed in gold leaf & amethyst cooling
focus weaves a wicked spell
borne upon a hummingbird's back
into the diamond

i am love's jester rising
blown between worlds of leather and black cake
buckled & feathered
to committ no crime, write no words
that linger on tongue's slick with the tears of forgiveness
tattered & bruised
we heal to monarch
into the diamond

coffre au trésor

COPPER hammered & echoed, this box lies locked & brambled
Thicket-hidden below the vintage children's leather saddle, beneath Christmas trees & dart boards, fog machines, custard cups & paintings.
Dragon-locked with 3 riddles & needing the 1 o'clock sun of a perfect fall day to shine properly perfect upon its crystal pulsing keyhole.
It rests crumbled & forgotten there ...  hidden.
Is it the best part of me ?
Kept tightly insulated from contact, from the burn, from the breathe of days
Kept tight.
I can never fully show-up.
Never fully engage all parts, all systems go. . .
Never have .
This comes as quite a shock actually . .
Too much at risk, too much vulnerability.
Too much to feel .
No one wants it all, no one wants the dark & the light.
The burn is too fierce, the light too blinding, the love fractured yet complete.
Only you ever acknowledged that petaled part ; the shine, the shadow. . .
Only you ever held it in your hands
trust . . .
copper hammered & echoed, locked & brambled
Sweet baby-powder-dusted
And so it lies apart . . . but with.

terra firma

there is a point in the course of my day that sets me back upon my heels ...
a point where i realize that all that has come before pales in comparison to all
that will be ...
a point that stops me in my step
halts my breath and
my eyes .
a song is barely heard
there in
the chaos of the stars ...
is it ....
9 crimes ?
useless desires ?
hero ?

i'll be ?
ah. favorite  damn disease .
and is is raw & raunchy & steeped in jamison & guinness .... smoke & red
it is blade sharp and hurts like amotherfucker as i rake it across my wrist ....
and there in the blackness i
the terra firma black cherry spaces

hold space

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

enough of me

The need to burn,
to give the daemons some sky
in order to move past this grateful-stasis spot
shift into saffron affirmation
oh! trinity lineage be damned;
experts at divine expectation and divinity rising
all the while distilling emotions
for song & mournful moon-dancing on the Volga;
reformation & academics
god trumps all things human
here is my confessional :
spark the tinder …..  burn


I leave little trace here ....
no crumbs of opal dust
no tail of the comet
linear & polite
shadows behave
sunlight fades into night
wind circles to land upon wisteria & hops
matter shifting, folding
inner to wonder-light
unruffled birdsong