Thursday, November 20, 2014

eclipse into me

are why I sleep
you are why I sleep
rolled upon the blue
oh you are why I sleep

floral boots upon the floor
sun seeks corners more
choice bred of wired wait
time stands still and takes me away. .

journeyed water falls
tempest of storms thundered call
secrets lie in waters white
as we run across the stars at night

time furrows story-lines wide
dreams take us close beside
warmth comes to those who seek
you are why I sleep
oh . . .
you are why I sleep

Thursday, November 6, 2014

the bittersweet notion

bare feet to gray concrete
motionless upon the sidewalk 
I stand 
November morning 
outlines defined 
by the slight tremble of 
yellow leaves remaining upon somnolent trees 
waiting ....
in this startingly-crisp-spot-of-sun-upon-gray 
I can no longer remember for what ....
but I can imagine 
the who 

come find me 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


seems I awoke on the left side of lonely
lines pressed to dreams folded tight
to respite's black night 
discarded wool socks hold shed traces of hope 
there against scuffed floorboards
painted in shades of spring-green 
once put on ...
expectancy warms a good 20 degrees 
rising this morning 
....  to the left of lonely

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


most days I ignore it
shrug it off 
remain wrapped in detached presence
able to push it back into the darkened corners :
that veiled punch to the southern cross
that leaves me smiling in some slightly wistful electric want
of all things hungry & driven
most days . . .
and I am fully aware that you are indeed no ghost pressed against my back
flicking open that spark
fully aware
and yet . . .
you are this golden reflection today
grabbing my attention & hurtling me into "going there"
causing my too feel beyond the borders of my skin
grasping that haunting shadow & submitting to
the golden weight of you