Saturday, January 25, 2020


a blueprint?
or a veil to your days
you are to mine--
do you listen to Radiohead wailing to the new moon
or do you sip tea amongst colleagues draped in sanity
pretending wholeness?
are you filled with whiskey or love
here in these dark times
pressing pressing
against the bark of trees to hear their prayer?
tell me ...
is there measure & merit
cheer & choirs of dormant bees
how far do you see without me?
are horizons wide and outlined in violet-blue?
are winds fierce and smelling of summer?
take the ink and trace the line of rivers to
the January moon and back again
pressing pressing
a blueprint or a veil?
both ... as it once was it remains
arms open
to sky

new moon dawn

this rosy morning sky
filling the horizon beyond the ams of icy trees
beyond the stillness of rising
along these quiet streets
snow rests in corners & shadow parts
pulsing with cold & luminous light
Oh Winter ... your days are numbered
yet you grasp so the bracing cold of the hidden sun
this rosy morning sky


Domed days under herculean skies
stepping, counting, bending days
striving for aqua-puzzled-reason
nights shading, dripping into indigo
as faith's trajectory shifts to a new meridian
soul seeks nourishment from stars
the unexpected conversation
Healing lies therein:
circini, corvus & circus trains
compassion's permeable
boundaries spiraling
the open arms of night

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

first quadrant of the northern hemisphere

the tips of my bird-bone-fingers graze dense clouds upon ascent
curling the rosemary held between worried lips
expanding the spaces between knots & knuckles
to climb away
back to deep sky
back to the secret firefly
oddly positioned within the white rose cluster of night
rising rising
bracing against the chill of January
feathers full & trembling
ice forming on lashes dipped in ink & mercury
armored in stories of brilliant yellow
to climb away
back to shadow's light
solitary and not
dull and sharp
still and symphonic
shallow and deep
once within it becomes my gentle bones
to climb away