Saturday, November 25, 2017


inhaling longer--broader
to rest his scent against my heart
as he hugged me to his chest
{he was so tall} !
able to encompass my entire being within his entire being
larger than life 
thoughtful he walked this earth
bright he shined

he had a spot--a nesting place
things within an easy reach;
comfy sofa
a phone
a legal pad
a place for coffee (or scotch)
a magazine or newspaper

quite unexpectedly
the poignant bite of awareness dawned
i too have my spot--a nesting place
things within an easy reach;
comfy sofa
a phone
paper to write
a place for coffee (or scotch)
a magazine

and a brightness that lays upon the blonde wood
upon the nesting place
a shine that follows me wherever i go
ever longer--ever broader--evermore
pressed there against my heart
encompassing my entire being
larger than life
this one precious life 

things within an easy reach

we become

Thursday, November 9, 2017

tyto alba

the wing span of a barn owl is 42 inches
42 inches of ghost feathers & furl 
lifted on particle currents of atmosphere 
dip & dive
dip & dive 
silent nocturnal flyer 
dip & dive 
find me  
there in slumber beneath worry & bramble 
trembling in stasis 
exultant in dark possibility 
wrapped in skin with age & aspirin 
awaiting your golden piercing 
dip & dive



mid-day shadows


for a space upon which to gather berries & silence
thorned & violet as cotton acanthium

bring me quiet truth
splashing against sinew & marrow
wide & pale as fragility


hushed birdsong & anthem
hushed to lines bold & blue
i will wear feathers
      find you

davis avenue

underneath the sofa
a perfect place to lay
tucked and pajama-footed
my secret hide-a-way

yellow flannel-orange blossoms
perfect blend between
nylon threads, vanilla walls
picture-window tv screen

parents glued to Carson
no one saw me sneak
along the shadows of a room
to risk the chance to peek

grown-ups had this cocktail life
up late with cigarettes and rye
criss-cross-applesauced behind the sofa
pony-tailed-bobby-socked spy

watching the world unfold from there
my vantage a hushed thrill
if I could only turn back time
you'd find me nested still