Wednesday, September 25, 2019


This part:

spins words to tales to treaties bent
dappled in velvet homage to birds and the moon
giving weight to the quantum miasma thru dappled light
be still
be still
the blue jay becomes the shadowdancer
waking the sun 

enough of me

The need to burn
to give the daemons some sky
in order to move past this grateful-stasis spot

shift to saffron's affirmation
trinity lineage be damned
experts at divine expectation and divinity rising
all the while distilling emotions
for song & mournful moon-dancing on the Volga

reformation & academics
god trumps all things human
here is my confessional:

spark the tinder …..  burn

Friday, September 6, 2019

the fabric of night

see me as vermillion
locked with a tiny key a thousand years old
by wind & water rising, rising

press me to cerulean between arms of sage & milo
smelling of yesterday's storm
penny-copper sharpness

I am a first snow
earth that lies between the cracks in the sidewalk
baked by sun
mysteries golden in particles of glass--dust
by wind & water rising, rising

rain falls
on a plum tongue waiting for a cotton memory

a pillow

skin coral-pink bells of pulsing weathered molecules
ozone of ash & death
life trembling

feel my azure evergreen shimmer against your thigh
to line & moonlight
rising, rising

see me as vermillion
there amongst the night

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

A Perfect Day

some moments I miss the consumption
the hollow contracted sternum to heart
the encompassing obsession of


is it the miss of the velvet mantle I wove myself
of your hands and bold honey words...
replete with all I know to be true;

fireflies & willow trees
Cather & Fitzgerald
whisky & wildfires
clean sheets & poetry

the rich fullness of everything

does it matter?
this ache...

more than likely
this is life

smelling of petricor & night

luxurious emptiness cradled in heat
and all I know to be true
red bird's bones & love songs

tell me, is there any more left?

lingering in the corner pocket of summer's grass
I loved you the first time I saw you
sticky delight of waning twilight
wild we found it - tamed it became
as we held to convention's fable
pressed in startling intimacy to the bind
letting go is easy when the heart is home

now as the blue jay's bones become my own


the blue jay's bones have become my own
tied with curly willow & regret
with a fisherman's knot
five hours 'til sunset this perfect September day
promise of flight
painted tender & light
upon the piercing tendrils
lifting lifting
beyond the falling night