Saturday, January 19, 2013


sometimes ....
when one is not looking, not paying close enough attention
a shift occurs ...
a shift in the earth beneath your feet
a shift in the focus & light gleaning into the circus kaleidoscope ....
the colors mute and bleed, leaving one
less full .
shapes can not be determined, purple becomes blue becomes green becomes
puzzling .....
over the events that could crash about one in puddles & shards of emptiness
the fog rolls in cold & hollow - veiling the light
the indigo bubbles fail to rise and your soul is left
in a labyrinth of regret & desire
circling as a thin, grey wolf 
would hunt
solitary & famished
how does one keep striving in the shift ?
how does one believe in the power of .... love?
darkness suckles on the wound in the soul
and yet ..... there is a smell .......
a smell of earth & moistness
of something alive and new .....
really ?
or is it merely another trick of the kaleidoscope ?
shake it.
close your eyes and listen ....


Friday, January 4, 2013


baby boom daughter of a movie queen and a medicine show
juggling moons and carnival masks
between the blue waters ....
tonight  ...
snow comes on
heavy & thick as black as a walnut's thigh
turning this lament into a great horns cry
the sharp daggered pierce
of a cut to the core 
bruises & wounds
each intake of breath
every mistake and regret
as i live with the pain
yet there.
move that picture of dragons & orbs
move it
to reflect even more upon the veiled faces
veiled with secrets accomplished
and golden beauty stolen with whimsies hand
sparkling & golden ..... 
rain melts all regret .