Tuesday, July 30, 2019

# twenty-two thousand three hundred and twenty one

... and the day breaks in sugar-snap marigold brilliance
trembling in the divinity of wrens & robins
light breaks upon the hackberry white on white
masquerading green to glory
how can one breathe when this is all so breathtaking?
beautifully ordinary
how can i hold my place here amongst this shimmering life?
the earthworm finds respite on the sidewalk away from the robin's search
while rabbits dart from fern to root in moment's furrow
of place of breath of day
all this summer's feast beneath the bluing blue ocean of sky
a bluejay calls ...
and I am lost to feathered flight once more

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


it would astonish you how swiftly

one moment i am the gray wool blanket upon the sofa

next a
dust mote
caught in the sunbeam coming in from the west window
at 5 o'clock


a breath

mind juggles the leaves on the birch tree along
with the blue jay feathers
i found
in the orchard this morning
as one hand held a watering can the other

transforms me

i am a smooth peach alive with wonder & fear
(in equal measure)
i am sky--clouds
memory & ash
i am everywhere