Friday, June 10, 2022


 I have been there  ... 

in the space between barely breathing 

thistles & vervain cushion my steps 

     but they have been few 

they have been compassed towards you 


     the Sun shines 

on me right here with all my sweat & heartache 

with all these scars I was told to keep out of the Sun 

because they will darken & thicken 


they become thick with ignorance & disgust as well 

so stand in the Sun 

darken those scars and 

point your thistle vervain compass towards your own heart 

towards your own Sky and Sun and Being 


 knee deep in saffron fields 

smelling of regret & acceptance 

I am all that has been within this sweep of hand 

of gaze 

of breath 


      it has been days that feel like years since i've written any words 


from my lips 

from my hands drip broken tea cups full of blossoming 

blue skies and space 

endless images drip behind my eyes inked & outlined 

clouds once white become the leaves of songs 

gifted offerings of birds & plastered dreams 

what chapter is this? 

what lies here with me within this life? 

the bark of summer trees or the borrowed aspects of others 

I've gathered to my cups? 

delicate presence awakening towards the sun 

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

take your time

 Don't go about it all willy-nilly 

tie your shoes first 

(make sure you didn't forget your pants) 

masks no longer required 

(for the time being) 

deep breaths are good here  

take your time 

wear a light jacket - maybe that blue one 

open the door 


two-step towards the street 

quick step quick step slow step 


deep breath 

look up to the waiting sky 

arms up 

leap towards the morning moon there in the West 

push hard against the Earth 

trust it 


trust the Earth to send you 

trust me to catch you 

      there just beyond that wispy white cloud 

I will catch you 

Monday, April 18, 2022

Five Answers to the Same Questions



great horned owls 

laughter times truth 


rhymes and pink chalk lines 

red bird songs

the color blue 





bubble gum notes 

small hands close

maples & oaks 

heart's entreaty 


feathers & things 

all flying things 

dog's breath & kisses 

sorrow's bursting epistle 

what fools who travel 

this path 

fates fancy dash 


tight-rope balance 

high-flying kites 

forests & rivers 

time moves so fast 

buckled in 

yet groundless 



red maples & honeysuckle 

cedar wax-wing's song 

lavender sunflowers 

everything can go wrong 

so many things right 

hold things loosely 

hold hope & constelaltions tight 

take flight! 


Of a dog

Concave lies the hole 

the missing 

the loss 

   too great to learn the topography of .... 

   too recent to fill with another 

Huck was a pup 

self's true companion 





    this invisible force 

this presence pressing 

i swear I just heard you shaking 

   your wet fur, your wee being there in the dining room 

just now 

Oh, how your missing creates such sorrow 

        see you tomorrow   



What is this freckled landscape found here? 

     shadows & light scattered about the fields still fallow & fair 

sandhill cranes alight to prance flirtatiously 

     to eat, to rest under a northern wind - gray clouds appear 

dotted & dizzy seeking sun's glare 

                 Spring's unfolding graciously 


Bowing--rising--greeting each prairie day with silver wings 

    Oh! What ridiculous creatures we are compared to them ....

two-legged gasping wingless beings 

    striving & trying for such useless things 

Spring teachings