Monday, July 6, 2020


moths &  dragonflies
dust & vinca vines
sparks of yesterday beneath my rubber heart
perched like meadowlarks upon the barbwire of night
here where the sky forgets forgiveness
oh better days where are you hiding?
there along the tree line of the river wide?
move the rock & shift the sand--find the gold
scrape away the top soil of the field & return the bones
there are better days somewhere tucked below the stones
moths & dragonflies
dust & vinca vines
sun, moon & stars guide me to the sliver lining

Monday, June 29, 2020

the topography of missing

a salt flat
white as a blank page
flat - wide open primal plain
dusty & surreal
with a dome of vast blue
horizon to horizon
by chem trails & echoes & thorny things
my presence a shadow
upon time
a lush prairie rolling
smelling of summer golden
the stone that lies in a river
polished & weary
nothing extraordinary
becoming ordinary when pressed between the layers
of you 

Thursday, May 28, 2020

of May ...

Baltimore Orioles visit the hackberry tree now

surprising the shadows
with its vermillion joy
stealing purple from the sky
sometimes the wind blows the branches so
tumultuously that the world shimmers green
a thousand shades verdant & conscious
seeking the sun 

Wednesday, May 27, 2020


there was once
tucked between blades of grass
small worlds teeming
the smell of the cosmos brought to bone
riding on one inhale
lodging behind your heart
the sun
warming the day that lies before you like cherry kool-aid
no damping the
shame comes later on long legs & captured birds
regret tastes of open roads & momentary forgetfulness
a summer promise of daisy-chains & blue

we dig deep below the soil--below the skin
to tap the current of knowing
we should have gone there years ago
tapped the root of truth below the surface
ate of the fruit with relish & owning

shame has two sides

blades of grass hold the whispered secrets
come ~ lie with me here and taste the madness of this world

this day
before it is too late

Tuesday, May 26, 2020


I dreamt the contrast
of light against the shallow
containers of life pressed and chalked to buildings shadowed
tightness and expansion folded into the transparency of being
I am a jellyfish
both enchanted by myself & repulsed
changing to fit into the mold provided by my captors
freedom carried in an overnight bag
smelling of yesterday & you
dust lies thick as fear
generosity steeps in lavender tea left to capture the last rays of a sun
too oft forgotten
power lies in the open fields beyond the stars
beyond this dust

Saturday, March 28, 2020

spring fever

somnolent and sullen I've been
awaiting my elixir
perfectly portioned to numb the limbs of trees
and wings of songbirds
the ancient doorknob falls apart in my hands as I enter
the space between here and there
gold to grain
gathering milkweed and goldenrod from the river's edge
while the world burned
turn down the bed
turn up the volume of Dylan and The Band
sit here with me and watch the shadows become

sit here with me
still and poised upon the hands of every-time
too trite
too right
the breeze off the water wakens

chills the
bones and the wings of songbirds
changing transforming aging
creating still
breathing still
do you smell the smoldering of Spring?
do you hear the rush of the weary?
after the cooling
where will we rest?
amongst the cottonwood and warrens of rabbits and fox
tall grasses dance
and become

Wednesday, February 19, 2020


scrape away the black ink
those particles of bits & pixels from the white white white
scrape them into the mason jar kept in your pocket
summer's fireflies & lunar moths
tumbled brilliance secreted for the corner-times
the grey days of winter long
hold the lid down tight as you press it to the fire-line
skin allows such porous knowing
lean against the trail of snow along the willow bark
lean & fill
with the enormity of the domed misty gray
capture this biting chill--this clutched sting
shake the jar
in the ordinary comfort
chaos & contrast