Tuesday, December 31, 2013


sometimes ....
when one is not looking,
not paying close enough attention
a shift occurs
a shift in the earth beneath your feet
a shift in the focus & light gleaning into the circus kaleidoscope
the colors mute and bleed, leaving one
less full
shapes can not be determined, purple becomes blue becomes green becomes
over the events that could crash about one in puddles & shards of emptiness
the fog rolls in cold & hollow - veiling the light
the indigo bubbles fail to rise and your soul is left
in a labyrinth of regret & desire
circling as a thin, grey wolf would
hunt: solitary & famished
how does one keep striving in the shift
how does one believe in the power of .... love
darkness aches for the wound in the soul
and yet .....
there is a smell ....
earth & moistness
something alive and new ....
really ?
or is it merely another trick of the kaleidoscope
shake it


close your eyes and listen ....

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

raise. it . up.

if only we could take the words we fall to ....
words of disbelief
to words of prayer & light
weave them into a celestial net of comfort & right
weave them tightly to silver moon hope
december's stars . . .
until we are lifted tenderly to a place of better
held closer to truth
to illuminated love


Why do we scourge ourselves for our humanness?
for crimes real, temporal
or imagined frailty?
for silly weakness or tender bruising
for being in the wrong place at the wrong time
or perceptions tainted & unsure
when do we let go and recognize
the toll was happiness
happiness in all its glory & divinity
when do we
step up & fight
the missing part
the burst of right
the trace of turquoise light
our cracks and fractures shift & part
as our broken bones & souls take flight
there all along apparent or veiled
there all along
we are whole & complete
every choice cuts to bone
so trust in your heart
find your way home