Friday, June 10, 2022


 I have been there  ... 

in the space between barely breathing 

thistles & vervain cushion my steps 

     but they have been few 

they have been compassed towards you 


     the Sun shines 

on me right here with all my sweat & heartache 

with all these scars I was told to keep out of the Sun 

because they will darken & thicken 


they become thick with ignorance & disgust as well 

so stand in the Sun 

darken those scars and 

point your thistle vervain compass towards your own heart 

towards your own Sky and Sun and Being 


 knee deep in saffron fields 

smelling of regret & acceptance 

I am all that has been within this sweep of hand 

of gaze 

of breath 


      it has been days that feel like years since i've written any words 


from my lips 

from my hands drip broken tea cups full of blossoming 

blue skies and space 

endless images drip behind my eyes inked & outlined 

clouds once white become the leaves of songs 

gifted offerings of birds & plastered dreams 

what chapter is this? 

what lies here with me within this life? 

the bark of summer trees or the borrowed aspects of others 

I've gathered to my cups? 

delicate presence awakening towards the sun