Monday, June 20, 2016


what once was
alludes & binds
a heavy cape of velvet blurs royal lines
oh . . . what became of nebraska-blue?
veiled in poppies of aubergine new
golden sure
wild strawberry bright
origami sparrow flying white
oh .....
be careful and wise as wishes do come true :
sorrows rue
kaleidoscope seasons 
turn and go ... turn and go
as the dreamscape of want simmers
then slows ..
invisible we become
beige'd to beige
wallflower silent / Einstein's sage
touch yourself
first there!  .... then
                open the vein
wake the lost!
ghosts of euphoria tinder the frost
cloaked and hidden .... I walk thru walls
sweeping up the storylines
our story .... my story .....
inked between nights
golden fields bloom & the legend of light
the cut becomes sharpest at the cold snap of morning
while bent
the singed edges of
velvet weighted warming
intent thickens the bones
in the heart of the clear
forgiveness fills the corners
moon-shadows drip near
to waken ....
to walk ....
to be seen through the briar
to lie with the dragons of crystal blue fire

Friday, June 17, 2016


beautiful boys
tempered by sun and sorrow's fill
unleashed love to border's will
what cost
what sacrifice to bear
summer comes to mark the dare
warriors step across the checkered line
shoulder-to-shoulder allies soon define
what rises
what now will be the toll
of this dark age gloaming
this wound that grays our soul
beautiful boys
to your light we seek
to your grace we speak
love's strong redemption
we cry -- hold up! hold up!
how grief transforms to fill earth's golden cup
beautiful boys ...
love victorious

Thursday, June 16, 2016

lying in the shadows of morning

in spite of, or enhanced by the contours of your bones upon my fingertips
I feel things in the morning with this electric sensualness . . .
I remove sheets from my bed, cotton-cool as i slide my hand inside
quilted cotton batting - frayed smoothness, memories of line-drying & my mother's hands
methodically moving thru the routine steps of a new day . .
sunshine fights it's way into this house shadowed by corners, walls & colored glass
methodically moving from room to room, making things right.
lining 'em up, dusting them off, finding their place . .
lining 'em up, dusting them off, finding their place
arranging a vase of wild thistle . .
careful of thorns
finding just the right light . .
it is quiet
laundry tumbles
sun shines
the dog demands sparkle-time
(he likes to chase luminosity made by the reflection of bright-shiny-thing)
so I give him some time
I need music & coffee to pull me out of this feeling of wonderland.
this quiet slightly-shadowed place ;
fix you pops up, coffee hot enough . .
examining my space
examining my life
singing along
tumbling along
laundry folded, plants watered, porch swept, poop bagged, baby lettuce encouraged, chamomile fondled with these wonderland hands
finding my life
finding a place . .
and returning to the sheets and their relenting stark coolness
feel and move through this day
noticing the shine ....
feeling the cool cotton weight of another day
chasing the luminosity