Thursday, April 7, 2011

canvas ....

left to my own devices ...
i become rocked by the rhythm of highways
folded inside out
i stand upon the cusp of you and
drink hummingbirds of delight and
i sway to the music that drips down from that indigo dome
regret lies broken & undefined upon your floor
left to my own devices ....
i wrap your warm gypsy hand about my heart
and dance to the
memory of fire.
startled by the coldness piercing this night
i keep the vigil that is loving you
left to my own devices ....
i will sweep my naked being across this palette of blooms
and paint you in
lemon verbena & ginger
knowing that it brings out both the merriment & the sorrow of your eyes
i alone will remain
left to my own devices ....
the patterns of people moving inside the lines numbs one ..
numbs one to the thrumming pain of the solitary stone
left in the frigid, rushing river of this so called life
struggling against something unknown & un-named :
cold, yet brilliant
dormant yet beating
smooth yet jagged
tame ... but not.
borrowed for a time into these small trembling hands.
writing, reading, waiting ,,, writing, reading, waiting.
is it suppose to be like this ?
does everyone know truth ?
left to my own devices ..
i would wear gossamer white gowns of lined-dried cotton
crisp & smelling of april
indistinguishable from the cirrus clouds of that day
that day
we broke the table
playing at passion & need & all things timeless & ours .... remember surrender ?
left to my own devices ....
remain ....
bold ...
and wanting.


  1. This is astounding! So much emotion and feeling etched out into a single memory perhaps..the helplessness..I love it!

  2. Soozie this is a lovely work and filled with passion, feeling and a super did a magnanimous work of yet, another piece of art. Thanks for allowing me to read. This is poetry at its superb best!

  3. "WSOTS" . . . much thanks for your words :)

  4. Beautifully written,well expressed emtions, Great write!

  5. Dear eclipseofthemoon ..... thank you.