Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Alice & the Hatter

alice lives in a room with no windows and doors
safe from her dreams, she can't think anymore
too caught up with pages and decisions bred ...
too unremarkable to know where to lay her head ...
anywhere she chooses ......
anywhere she falls
eyes closed upon the morrow ....
eyes closed forevermore ...
alice hides her face from all the swirling motes
safe inside her own life
alice dreams no more...
The Hatter plays the game 

with the smoothness of a king
all believing he is foolish
he is nothing what he seems ....
he turns his gaze on alice, there locked up in her womb ....
he toys with her affection
he steals a kiss and
alice peers at starshine, there between the cracks ...
alice feels a stirring, and pushes something back ....
pushes with a strength no one thought she had
..... except for the Hatter 

who knew down in his heart
that alice was his truth, keeper of light & dark
sent to tame his madness, sent to still his tears
alice and the Hatter will be forever in the mirror ....
stashing all tomorrows, with dreams as old as time
tending their own madness
coloring outside the lines .....


  1. Holy Cow!!! Give me more of this, please.

  2. wow Susie... this is beautiful.. delectable!!! thank you for writing this..

  3. My very favorite fairy tale and fairy tale movie ever...frabjuous in every glad you re-posted this gem! Just makes me want to get my futterwacken on!

  4. Love this crazy sanity! DiAnne and I will be dancing together.