Friday, January 7, 2011


give me a page
give me a blank page & words that have been wrung into my fingertips
pressed & coddled & tsunamied into my fingertips
words that will change & move & open
words that cause you to close your eyes with abandon & delight as you hang upon
the scarfed hope of this buttered moment
words that evoke honesty & truth to puddle on the ground as these 3 inched of rain
you will get wet
words that
hate anger bullies injustice poverty
give me a page
a blank page
and marshmallow daggers of possibility
in which to etch across the sky the wonders of a world
made of light & love & that delicate moment right before you bite into a ripe peach
let me say something about trust
let me write words that lead you home
let me tell you that you are beautiful
words frosted in the glorious rising of the moon
and out-lined with integrity & compassion
trust in your humanness
love with all you heart
and pay no heed to nay-sayers & fear mongers &
people that say
give me a page
allow me to sculpt
be kind
and just give me a damn page ....


  1. fuck words.they live to come alive for someone, not me.
    i'm jealous that words can know who they are; but I can't use them to tell you who I am.

  2. ... ahhh, but i think you just did.
    words have their meanings - their place in our world - but we light them up, dash them into walls or crumble them up to bury deep in our pockets ,,,, they merely are. you've told me a bit, but there is more