Saturday, July 9, 2016

kwee low

it is one of those times ......
kept awake at night-times
the flutter of everything ..... churning, questioning ......
the hum of the fan overhead,
the slight, slow metronome drip from the bathtub down the hall, 
the silence -
the bone-bending aching silence of 3 o'clock in the morning .
the echo of loneliness and
a reconciliation of the parts as they spill into the grey
as sleep fails to take me ....
and i run blindly thru some cerebral stormy labyrinth searching out something true & whole .....
the green walls & dim light enclose me as some earthy bower
yet i am restless & struggling against this chained fabric ....
i know how i would hold you if you were mine.
i want a sleep that is painless & clean, as you lie pressed against my back
the soft hardness of you

sleep fails to take me
.... and i am left in wakeful-moon- dreams


  1. perfect...
    exactly what it feels like...

  2. Oh i love this. So... so love this.

  3. Susie please do read the poems of Edna St Vincent Millay. You shall find your own poems mirrored in hers. If you have already read them you would have found similar sentiments expressed. I am posting one for you to read.