Monday, April 10, 2017

norma elaine

a long time waiting 
should have been easy for her
visit this world
take a bow 
an appearance make 
child's play
stir the pot
dim the lights
touch my back
change the damn temperature
waken the cat ....
visited by the ethereal & transparent all her life 
she was sure.

i remember the tales of wraiths & the ceiling dwellers
in girlhood bedroom
beige, white-golden dancing
talking with her
with promises of strange dark travels
wisping in & out thru luxurious stucco walls
wrapping themselves in the rough, bark embraces
of those huge linden trees pillared alongside the house
she could pick up on the most subtle & delicious of ghostly signs 
to her there was nothing benign
why can't i 
what am i missing 
is she there 
am I too disconnected to tell 
not gifted
have i missed the signs?
does she dwell closer 
behind aqua eyes 
barefoot with a fairy's reflection