Thursday, June 28, 2018

did you know the first desserts were candies of raw honeycomb & dates

( i agree with you )
maybe it's in the knowledge of both:
the customary & the confection
that lets us consider the potatoes & the pie
wholeness is found in their contrast
the m.c.escher of it all--how while examining one thing
you suddenly realize
something else lies there beyond that line--
no negative space
both equally important in their own unique way
the grace & glory of the everyday vs. the stuff of dreams
black & white
shadows & light
the honey-bee to the frog
the box of paints to shades of grey
the bruise & the blush
dinner to dessert
coming to love the contrast in life & love has defined the beat of my days
learning patience
how to fold myself inside out
tethering myself to the expected with a warrior's sense of obligation
the desire to be present
to the role, the rules & the respect to this place called comfortable

( which is only so ... )

all the while knowing that no one ever learns or grows in that place called comfortable
no one ever takes mighty cosmic leaps while in stasis
on the edge between the contrast is where the real journey begins
where bone becomes a blossom & where trust becomes a golden blade of sunshine
-- an apt description--
having to get to the other side & to love regardless
to risk playing the fool
to risk ego & significance
to love
through the stillness & the reality
excavating to the core of tangible while knowing there are things we can not see
and trusting that beam of truth
trusting the almost inhuman intimacy that wraps our moments in blue
trusting the pull, the surrender, the acceptance, the taste
the heat & the snow
trusting the contrast
the mystery
where wholeness lies...
obligation & release
shadows & light
fire & air
earth to sky
dinner to dessert

in the box of paints

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