Monday, June 2, 2014

eclipse of the 3rd & 9th

it is but a fable,
a story told . .
of coyotes & jesters
thieves & killers
moss-agate paths not taken & turquoise held captive ....
the opposition of force & desire struggling across distance & the expected
sparks of jupiter leave their scar-trail in some long-forgotten map of home
while currents of air circle & blaze 
circle & blaze . . 
upon waking :  there is suddenly no sideways struggle
merely a cooling willow wind and
a knowing peace that rests with things you can not see
warrior-love exists there in the quiet places now
a bridge upon which worlds rest & spin
knowing chiron & the sharp pain of loss will find you
breathless & waiting & content
scents of olive & thunder linger in the air . .
fire - air - water
a fable
a story told under mercury's stars ....
a colliding dance down a topaz trail, deeply wooded-green & lined with a swan's feathers  . . .
no pressing of time now that the shadow of the sun has lingered here
breathe deeply of marigold & amethyst
hold fast
accept &
know you are exactly where you need to be
and where you are ....
is love