Thursday, June 13, 2013

like water .....

you stood there . .
at the river's edge
relaxed & leaning ...
devoid of expectation & artifice
there was no awkward moment
no hesitation
just melt & surrender
yielding ...
as if your skin was transparent & open
molecules permeable
to the addition of another form
my skin simply melted away
leaving sureness
swallowed whole to the nevermore
soaking up every fear & broken need
moving into some kama sutra of always
moving into light & darkness with
my hand tucked under your thigh
a fit easy & knowing
as we drove to ....
does it matter ?
i can't recall .
we colored outside the lines
with our intimacy  . . .
with our naked need to posses & release back to the wild
the golden blueness of us -
transformed & always loved
completely :
of the current

1 comment:

  1. your words are like water, Susie, trickling over my heart.