Sunday, August 25, 2013

It lies there ....

There is a delicacy of word I strive for
Yet it was here all along ..
Sliced & blossomed by a candied telling poignant & blue
Discovered in the simple fact that
Pain hurts
And nothing frightens more than love lost
Petaled wet sorrow
Kilned into lapis
Marrow of ebony-lines steel-taunt & wry
There, there ..
Writers don't write but paint their reflection upon the night
And await another day ....

for Candice


  1. I like this poem. I also like the background behind the text. Its easier to read than the one you were using earlier.

  2. Linda ... Thank you very much & WAY thanks on that feed back - sometimes what I think works, doesn't . Thank you !!

  3. Has Candice seen this? What a lovely tribute!

  4. thanks DiAnne . . I don't think she ventures here, but I was just so damned snapped by her intro . it's not just that she inspires me, I think she changed me. ....

  5. This is beautiful. I'm so glad that you posted the link on her wall, Soozie. I know that she has changed me as well.