Wednesday, September 27, 2017

coffre au trésor

Copper hammered & echoed,
this box lies locked & brambled
Thicket-hidden below the vintage children's leather saddle,
beneath Christmas trees & dart boards, fog machines, custard cups & paintings.
Dragon-locked with 3 riddles & needing the one o'clock sun
of a perfect fall day to shine properly perfect upon its crystal pulsing keyhole
It rests crumbled--forgotten there ...  hidden.
Is it the best part of me?
Kept tightly insulated from contact, from the burn, from the breathe of days
Kept tight.

I can never fully show-up.

Never fully engage all parts, all systems go
Never have

This comes as quite a shock actually
Too much at risk
too much vulnerability

No one wants it all, no one wants the dark & the light

The burn is too fierce, the light too blinding, the love fractured yet complete

Only you ever acknowledged that petaled part;
the shine, the shadow. . .
Only you ever held it in your hands
copper hammered & echoed, locked & brambled
baby-powder-dusted sweet

And so it lies apart . . . but with.


  1. "Only you ever acknowledged that petaled part ; that shine, that shadow. . ."

    love all lines, but especially this one.