Sunday, March 18, 2012

i was were am bird

THE girl chosen last because I was skinny & my knee socks didn't stay up
I was the girl who thought she could change the molecular pattern of
objects and create snow
or an apple
I was the girl who understand when ken & barbie started sleeping together,
It was time to pack up the toys & turn up Led Zeppelin
I was the girl who knew every homeless animals name in the whole wide world
and if I thought hard enough, could keep them safe & warm
I was the girl who danced on her bed while singing Hey Jude & Henry the 8th I am am ...
I was the girl who learned about music, weed & how to dance from the best neighbor-boy in the world . He was 3 years older, gay & funny. He took me to his senior prom. He died of AIDS.
I was the girl who had a golden ticket to Camelot & a green Pontiac convertible
I was the girl sitting alone at the river knowing answers pooled there along the
sandbars & reeds and if I thought hard enough - prayed hard enough,
I would hear those answers and I could then fix things
I was the girl who discovered James Taylor,
Jack Daniels & orgasm in the same evening - while babysitting
I was the girl who followed meadowlarks down rabbit holes
I was the girl who married to escape only to be bushwhacked by the karma bus
I was the girl who found Wonderland under your hands
I was broken girl ; weary & afraid, missing pieces of bone & heart
only to discover I had them all along
bound to my soul with a ribbon of goldenrod & blue sky
I am that girl . . .
And now I don't wear knee socks or underwear
I still believe if i think fiercely enough, I can shield animals from harm while changing
Apples into Snow
I am 2 degrees away from knowing Robert Plant
So I sing Led Zeppelin with abandon from beds, bars & cars
I have always lived in Camelot & i folded my golden ticket into a tiny origami sparrow, and Placed it inside a wee blue bottle on a thin silver thread
Marriage is ethereal & a good escape plan.
All the best stories have an escape plan.
I have been to Wonderland, and some of my best missing pieces are still there ...
Every answer to any question can be found in a JT song, a Beatle's song, or a river's song
Karma bus - well , shit happens. Live like you are dying even when you are weary & afraid .
I have stopped trying & wanting to fix things.
And strangely, things fix.
I am the broken girl and I am goldenrod-blue-ribboned-sky & a meadowlark's song


  1. lovely; you ARE a 'goldenrod blue ribboned-sky' and answers DO pool along reeds and sandbars :) ..kindred feelings; lovely poem ~

  2. Just gorgeous. One of the best things I have read in a long while.

  3. Gina ... NG .... Gracious gobs of thanks :)

  4. You were the once in a million girl!

  5. Utterly sublime. Utterly goldenrod-blue- ribboned-sky-&-a-meadowlark's-song-Soozie!

  6. thank you all for stopping here & taking the time to read and comment. . truly. :)

  7. An amazing poem with a wonderful use of repetition.

  8. I know this girl...
    She thinks, speaks, and feels deeply.
    She know things and will not tell
    Secrets and knowledge she takes with her down the rabbit hole.
    I am blessed to know her