Tuesday, January 28, 2014

11:10 retro-soul-dust

Everything is Bollywood carnival-dog
slap jack & jackalope abalone poker
two-step, side-step & dance a little closer . .
Ring around the rosy, pockets full of blackbirds
syncopated entanglements of undecided waters
we waltz to rhythms pyro-plastic & unsure
no trees, no bees . . global jihad on it's tour

Everything is neon
no pastel softness to be found
snowy owls make headlines
as tender bones lay upon Somalia's ground
jumping-jack-flash sings for recompense
One a penny, two a penny hot-cross-mess
solar flares shift as politics lace this holy ground
splashing hope & god to glory
evermore where labyrinths bound

Everything is matter and matter rides the zephyr train
boomerang cupcakes & bluestem coyote-pain
random sparks of poppy-cane
sure as crocus sprouting 
and the scent of thunder rain
circle your gypsy wagons paintbox Monet & Gauguin
like a diamond in the sky as star-dust rivers our souls
Dreams paint our daytime
as story's words are sowed . . .

Everything is cotton
Everything is dust
The owl and the pussycat went to sea
on knotted threads of crimson trust
Mercury flaps a flapjack
jousting with the moon
Borealis morning
Collide will happen soon . .


  1. Damn, girl. How did you come up with this? Talk about loading up a line! Brava.

  2. Hopē . . Thank you .,. You have to know Oh Mistress of the Plains . . that you inspire me . Alot of folks yammer away with awhile lotta nothing ... But your like this gypsy willow tree writing songs & living with such heart. YOU are something !!!

  3. You have the gift of sight too... I see.

    Peace be still in your soul.