Friday, January 17, 2014

256 years

Mad Hatters & Cambric's
Thistle & sage . . .
Replace the mask, and turn down the page

We rumble & thrash
Upon life's canvas
To search ever endlessly
For the scent of dianthus

Follow the trail of bread crumbs & stout beer
Thru forests & hollows
To the prickly shores of our fears

Wait there alone in the still of mid-winter
As January's moon thru your bones sends a shiver

Collect your token
pay the ferryman
Don't gaze in his eyes, or you'll never know land again

Jump from the craft to an island of stone
Dance thru the fog and sing of your home

Sing loud & ferocious
All thru the night
Sing honest & sure
And hold your soul tight

Snowflakes, whispers & cinnamon tears
Cherries, a paintbox and 256 years

There, in the breeze
Comes the scent of pink william
Ancient secrets of love
And star-dust vermillion

Breathe it in swift
To the marrow of bone
Breathe in the moonlight
And know you are home

Mad Hatters and Cambric's
Thistle & sage
Lay down your mask
And leap onto your page . . .


  1. As usual....awesome...
    and I love it. ♥♥

  2. Amazing! Wow... This is simply gorgeous! <3 I love it!

  3. love this, a tale of travel and purpose, a goal to be earned through chances taken...

  4. Really like this Susie; has a certain rhythm to it that is melodic and pleasing!

  5. Really? I just liked this before? Well this time I just love it! That's right! Just love It! :O :)