Thursday, July 25, 2013

too . .

to be 'too'

too much of this, not enough of that
how can the deck be so stacked
fools respond to the too ....
by shaming & poking and cutting in two
the skin & bone
the wings & heart
dissecting & mocking while standing apart
too many colors, too much spark
can you be higher on some fools list ?
can you be pretty, with not so much grist ?
can you quiet, behave & comply ?
can you be thinner, you won't even try ?
too much of this, 
not enough that
I plead and I bargain but god's not called back
to crumble & fold ... retreat to the kingdom
of castles & princes - the storybook syndrome
questing thru trails 
of bramble & vine
to come to a crossroad
discover a spine
to rise from our ash-self .. to repair the bones ....
to strap on wings & fly away home ....
we come to the party 
all tattered & teased
only to see that our own soul is the key …

too much of this, not enough that
balance lies there,
when you pull the feathers back 


  1. Oh! I love this...funny how we are never enough, no matter what...enough of that!

  2. This is wonderful and timeless in it's significance...