Tuesday, September 23, 2014

upon a black stallion in the woods ....

Show to me
your saddlebags of words & beautiful
filled to summer's sun with the demons of yesterday
today, the woods smell of verbena & dappled leather
and the light ,,,
Oo the light cuts thru chaos & tenderness
to call the clouds down from heaven's azure fate
weary is the wait, but sweet the story tells -
of a water weave between said heaven & hell 

Show to me
the cities upon your road ;
of silk & sword ,
fire & air
of . . there ... there !
I spy the apricot souls of the truth in your eyes
parsley & collected sighs
to parry & collide on a field between stones
locked in a stonecircle .... our apple-lined home 

Show me the storyline between surrender & strength
transparent now to the echoes we keep
prism'd ... ancient
Oh my brother to hold & stay
Oh my love .... to hold & stay
take my hand to the diamonds & dust of this day
to hold 


  1. Where on earth do you come up with these phrases? Wow! This one is just mind numbing! xoxo!

  2. Thank you DiAnne for showing up & listening .... thank you ...XO

  3. Love your phraseology and seduction in all your poems.

  4. mind awakening images. your manipulations of words to draw meaning from what appears abstract. this poem needs continual reading to find reason in my mind. the dichotomy in your phrasing has me tripping. i will add that mind tripping poetry is present in this poem. love it. J.K.

    1. Jennifer .. thank you for taking the time to soak in it ... to comment so deeply ... thank you :)

  5. Beautiful. I love your Poetry!

  6. still wonderful....