Tuesday, October 31, 2017


What is it that attracts?
that pulling together of fragments:
moths to flame
hands to hearts
ink to page 
polarized metal
butter to knives 
skin to skin
eyes to the garden of possibility 
aubergine rye-whiskey dreams
the torn edges of leather coats
childhood gardens
a myriad of particles collide in recogniton 
something shared 
something desired 
gestures seem innocous
thrown down as carmine on leaves 
and borealis wounds 
a minutiae of fluttered moments hanging breathless
the plethora of pleasure gleamed in the capture 
intellect to intention 
light to shadow
close to open 
wings to weather 

magnectic north 
lies in the curve 
of you 


  1. It is wonderful Soozie. Your talent abounds and is poured out to those of us who cannot, will not, and should not hold a candle to you skill with a pen... or pencil... or paint brush. How fortunate we are to have you to describe what we can only imagine and do so in a way which makes us believe.

  2. thank you
    sometimes the line between imagiantion & knowing casts the perfect equation of shadows & lightmaking everything okay
    and life a sweet sweet thing