Monday, January 13, 2014


life surges
thru tendrils of tethered tenderness
ambered terra rosa pulsing with the need for sun
bolstered to earth by gravity & axil tilt & speed
we ride 
life surges
across our aging, freckled & pale skin
the furrows & rivulets of passion & presence tremble & taunt us to rise
despite the swollen tubers of tissue & undergrowth
gasping for air as some newborn with pink silk folding
we greet the first strong rays of Spring's promise
standing upon cold ground -
soil & life beats beats beats along filling the narrowed cavities of our bones
with lightening, solitude, knowing, desire, youth, fragility & forgiveness
we fill
we breathe
we ride
tasting of morning & the solar flares of our own Spring

our own green life 
surges  ...

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