Friday, July 27, 2018

requiem #845

if today my spark should cease
these motes of movement settle
then i would leave upon this blue
my fractal fists of being
small parcels of crimson-saffron
to nudge against your shinbones in summer's sky
echoing with the pulse of fireflies

if today my willing should dim
this gypsy contradance gentled
find me tucked against the wild iris
at nine thousand three hundred and five feet
riding the water white over stones over mountain
as pine nettles sharp sticks to tongue
arms wide open to the sun

if today all blaze & briar rests
this blood smoothes to heart's rebellion
yearning shadows the cottaged cage
of fragility's equation written
to the song & tender weight of honeysuckle
comets flicker to remind
stardust will be all that you can find