Wednesday, September 9, 2020


to not know the things we don't know
unconscious unconsciousness
masquerading as politics
doubled down to blue to black to brown
place my money on lucky number 3
intent lingers unchecked unopen unremarkable
uncoupled ignorance masked naively as an unplowed field
goldenrod trodden
thistle tall and forgotten
overgrown mythology of our milky way
buried in the linen bones of neural falls
white blinding
haunting truths unveiled
soul's courage outlined in the palm of a hand
arrows shame precisely seeping into that fallow land
water with tears tendered from a million suns
seed, ponder rebirth
for what it's worth
glory of a planet yet to rise ....
one, two, buckle my shoe
cry for the many
unearth the dream 

unbuckle the carpetbagger from his paper throne 
rise up 
rise up oh you wondrous ones! 

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