Thursday, December 31, 2015

legacy drifting

i had the heart for circus tents
stripes & poles & elephants
building up & tearing down
riding trains from town to town

i slept in garrets castle walls
wrote by candles thru wars & falls
wearing lace & leather vests
secluded, deluded by nature's scent

i had the legs to scale great heights
breathe the air of mountain's starry night
spread these arms to vistas high
feel comet's rush and touch the sky

i toiled in fields on soldier's thick
patching, repairing--holding the sick
ancient wisdom in hands small
what lies in men i knew it all

i had the soul to change the world
to step off edges wings unfurled
fearless & flying & comet bound
to leave the earth more green, more round ...

instead life lies ordinary
tucked & tended--hardly legendary
yet each moment holds opal-chasms-delight
each breath cradles day's twilight

we strive to leave a mark, a talisman
of our solitary time here passing
each thread, each hand, each song is spun
to connect us all to the path of the Sun

i had the heart for circus tents ......

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