Thursday, January 28, 2016


solace is found in a prom dress
a blue you think you seen before ....
glimmers in the half-lighted room
under the canopy steals expectations light
stay with me
'til shadows dance against the cottonwood
twirl the desire
                        pull me in tight
stay with me
ride with me into tomorrow
stay with me into the night
tuck your hand tight--there--under my knee
as we trip down the lincoln highway
taking the curves at 103
daylight dogs at our heels
pushing the tulle between seats
your hand
rides a little bit higher
as faster and farther we climb we drive
to capture the first taste of moon
silver-dust  plays upon tongues
as we get to the bend in the river
love is the infinite comet
dreams are the beggars of dawn
your breath fills me with the scent of dogwood blooming
secrets looming
stay with me here in this wild century
as we trust in the blaze of our song
drive on ....

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